why is my chicken crowing like a rooster


Aug 8, 2016
so i bought these hens for eggs and the feed store told me these brahma chicks were good egg layers come to find out they are bred mostly for meat, now im wondering if they are roosters because one of them is crowing pretty clearly sounds just like a rooster and there only about 5 or 6 months old
If you post a pic of the tail and comb we can tell you if you have a pullet or cockerel :)

However crowing at that age sounds to be a young rooster.
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It's crowing because it's a rooster.

Any others you have with that same comb will also be roosters.
Oh and also, you won't be too disappointed with Brahmas, in my opinion, my hen lays very well. She lays 4-5 times a week on average. As long as you keep them nice and cool in the summer and hotter months they'll keep a steady supply of eggs coming your way.
I agree about not giving up on the Brahma hens for egg laying. Since they're from a hatchery, they're probably bred more for egg laying than meat production. I've only had 2 (hatchery light Brahma hens), but I've been very pleased with their egg production.

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