Why is my chicken doing this (videos)


11 Years
Oct 12, 2011
My hen makes this noise constantly is this normal, why does she do this?

She's a cochin mix and was born March 2012
i have a hen that does that when their is a change in their normal routine.such as adding new ones to the flock.i added my broody and her lone chick in with the flock the other day and she started making that noise.
well I haven't added any new chickens to the flock... and I don't think their daily routine has changed
Mine do that at times, when they get annoyed and someone comes too close and they are lower on the peck order.
I'm new, but I've found some are just more vocal than others. I have one black sex-link that is just about to get renamed to Wendy Whiner. She makes a squawk similar to the one you recorded just about anytime things aren't going exactly her way.

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