Why is my duck breathing like this?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by smileylife, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. smileylife

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    Jan 1, 2016
    My duck has been breathing like this for a while now. I live in Mexico and it's raining so it's cold out but it's hot inside my house. I always sleep with my duck but recently she's been panting a lot, I always have water out (a lot) and I give her a bath everyday (I'll be getting a kiddie pool soon) but she seems to have something stuck in her nose? I'm not so sure what it is but it makes her breathing sound weird. She also has spots on her beak that I've been worried about. I already talked to a vet and they said the spots are normal, and her breathing weird could be cause of the climate change (hot during the day raining in the afternoon/night). I haven't found any other vet that knows about birds here and I'm really getting worried. Here's a video of her panting, I know it's because she's hot but I don't want her to get sick outside. Also, I've noticed her feet get really hot! Is that normal? (ps. She's 8 months old)
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    She appears to be panting because she is hot.
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    The only time I have seen my Pekin ducks do that is when I had to put them in a bin, in the car, on the way to the vet. I thought it was stress, but maybe it was hot in the back of the car? I did have the air running.
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    An 8 month old duck will be fine, even happy, out in the rain even when temps are near freezing. Let her be out where it's cooler as long as you have a predator proof enclosure, or put the A/C on. :)
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  5. Amiga

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    Ducks can pant when they are anxious, and when something is stuck in the nares. Can you look through the bill, through the nares? Those are the nostrils in the bill. If there is stuff in there, you can help by letting her splash in some water for a bit. If the stuff in the nares is stubborn, you may need to give her more time with the water, but eventually, most ducks will snort water in their mouths and out their nares, clearing them.

    The heat can also make them pant.

    Yes, bill spots are fairly normal.

    What is her feed? Can you get poultry vitamins to add to her water once a week? Great video - very helpful!
  6. smileylife

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    Jan 1, 2016
    This was really helpful!!! I was really worried about the spots on her bill cause I've read that they get them when they're sick.

    I was gone for a month and someone helped me take care of her. When I came back she had a lot of like dried boogers in her nose, I have a small tub where I let her take baths. I've noticed she doesn't clean her bill much like she used to, when she'd have stuff there she'd put her whole head in the water and scratch her bill. I've been trying to help her get the stuff out by just taking a small amount of water and put it over her bill. I also try to take it out but its still there.

    The vet where I go only has chicken feed, and that's what they gave me. I did get some antibiotic that they said I could put in her water for five days because she was sneezing a lot. It's called "koryn triple" here's a picture. [​IMG]

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