Why is my duckling dying?


5 Years
May 21, 2018
My ducks hatched a bunch of eggs a couple days ago and ended up with 4 little chicks, but last night one of the chicks got stuck under the coop and died of hypothermia but by some miracle, I managed to revive him using cpr.
He was doing so well after this, they had a bit of a tremor but after a while it went away. The only problem is, he wouldn't eat, no matter what. I was concerned but I didn't see it as a huge deal thinking that eventually he'd become hungry enough to eat what I gave him after a while. But tonight, he's losing strength at an ever increasing level and I don't know why, is he starving? I tried giving him vitamins but he wouldn't gulp, I'd put it in his mouth and he wouldn't properly swallow it, I think he inhaled it a few times actually. What the hell is going on, did the part of his brain responsible for eating die when he was "dead"? He shouldn't be starving to death after only one day of not eating should he? What do I do?
Small bodies mean small metabolisms. If he has used up his yolk sac from hatch, absolutely no nutrients for 24 hours could be enough to kill him. Does it always? No. But can it? Yup. Sorry to
Hear about your ducklings always hard losing one.
For being so tiny, and at such a young age it sounds like the duckling has already gone through a lot. That itself can play a huge impact on the ducklings well being. Sadly, a lot of the time their just not able to take all the stress, and go downhill from there.

The most you can do is keep the duckling warm, stress-free, and try to offer her warm soupy feed, or scrambled eggs often and see if she'll take to that. If she does, try dripping a poultry vitamin overtop.

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