Why is my EE being such a slacker?


7 Years
Oct 12, 2012
Southwest Desert
I originally posted this in a different forum and they suggested I post it here:

I have an EE that we have had since 10/8/12 who started laying an egg or two a week about a month and half ago.
Now she is going on almost 2 weeks with not laying any egg. She has clearly not established any laying pattern
yet. She is my biggest chicken and lays the smallest egg. My BA & RIR who eat the same food as the EE lay almost daily.
My RIR is the smallest of the three and lays the biggest egg -

The EE is acting fine in every way other than no egg production. She does sit in the nest box when It's her
turn but shootin blanks I guess.

Is this breed notoriously low egg producers. She sure is fun to be around regardless, she still has a home with us.
Just want to see if I can encourage her a little. Thanks in advance.
Same thing I'm going through with my "supposed" ameracuna. I'm a little sceptical of their actual breed...Maybe an EE??
Yep, bought mine as an advertised Americauna. However, after spending some time on this forum and
learning as I go, she is clearly an EE. Don't mind though because she's wiggled her way into our hearts.
She actually jumps in my lap when she thinks I have something she might want. Yesterday it was a
soda from McDonalds. She heard the ice banging around and had to come check it out. It's pretty
wacky when you are not prepared for a huge bird to be flying into your face and landing on your lap.
Can't wait till she does that to someone else and see their reaction.

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