Why is my rooster acting so weird all of a sudden?

Sonia Gawlas

Oct 13, 2017
I have a rooster named lolek and ever since he has been a chick he’s always been a sweet cuddle bug. He was so friendly, me and my family joked about how he acts more like a hen than he does a roo. About 2-3 weeks ago when he first started molting, i noticed he started acting weird. He wouldn’t let me hug or hold or even touch him like he used to, he would just simply walk away or try to break free from my embrace. At first i thought maybe he was having an off day, but ever since then hes been nothing but distant and its almost as if he doesn’t recognize me anymore. This breaks my heart because he is my best buddy. I read online that roosters tend to change once they reach 5-6 months but hes more than a year old so I don’t understand why he wont approach me anymore. He’s fine otherwise, he eats, drinks, interacts with the other chickens, but he just wont let me love him anymore.


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Meadow Devil
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Sep 22, 2012
During molt, the pinfeathers break through the skin which is very painful for the birds and they avoid being touched, because this would increase the pain.

Chickens will even avoid being near each other, some hens hiding in the nestboxes for fear of contact.

So don't take this personally, and even more important: don't touch him as this will stress him during a time he is quite vulnerable..

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