Why is one of my hens threatening my other hens while they are laying?


8 Years
Jan 14, 2012
Lately I noticed my hens were eating their eggs, but haven't been able to be present to take the eggs before they eat them until today. While one hen was about to lay another hen started attacking it, so I immediately grabbed the attacking hen and place her on the ground. My question is why would she do that? I have 3 available nesting boxes, so space isn't an issue. Could it be she's just fighting for dominance or wants to be the 1st to eat the egg? After she attacked, my hen that was preparing to lay felted rushed and just pushed it out real quick. And I don't want my hens under any stress while laying. Please help!!!
BTW their is a rooster in there with my hens


Free Ranging
12 Years
Oct 8, 2010
I also have a bully hen, she hasn't laid an egg in months and I think she may be jealous of the others
today she was really snotty to the others and she thought she was going to lay an egg, kept going in and out of the nest boxes and finally sat in one for maybe 45 minutes and she didn't lay an egg as usual but kicked the fake egg out.

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