Why no eggs Yet??????


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Apr 16, 2010
My buff orpington/lancaster hens are about 26 weeks and haven't started laying yet. I give them Layer feed from Fleet Farm, some corn and oyster shell. I also have a blind hen, Americauna, about 28 wks. old that hasn't layed yet. They seem to spend more time in the hen house lately but still nothing.....any suggestions???? Thanks
This time of year it is getting darker. Some hens do not lay well when it is darker. And it might be slowing down your pullets. They could also be going through a mini molt.
A few years ago I had 2 pullets (Rock and RIR) wait till they were 33/35 weeks old and started laying the second week of December.
I'm not so sure of the accuracy, but some people will give their pullets red/cayenne pepper to start them up.

Good luck,
I believe the BO are slow growers and it this is not unusual. My BO is about 25 weeks old and doesnt look anywhere near ready to lay. Patience is a virtue.....

The Americauna Im not sure, but the Auracana & Easter-egger types are also late layers from what I understand...

It will come, it seems you are doing everything perfectly fine!!
I ask the same question @ 26 weeks, and I'm already getting eggs! My two layers are hard workers, but I'm waiting as patiently as I can manage for the third to lay.

My RIR and BO started laying a few weeks ago. My holdout is a cheeky BA.
Thanks Everyone, still waiting.....
Crazy, huh? All this for a dang'd old egg.

I swear them girls talk to each other "Watch, I'm gonna make him come out and check the nest box for no reason!"
Pansy, our 26 week old BO just laid today for the first time...at least I think she laid the egg...she and Petunia were in and out of the nest boxes from 9am-on trampling whoever was in the box trying to lay. I came in about 2pm to eat; went back out to find her standing over an egg in the trance they have after laying an egg. Also had a Barred Rock to lay for the first time today...she is 26 weeks old, too.
I have been adding crushed red pepper flakes to the wet alfalfa I've been feeding them to help their yolks be dark during the Winter when I have no grass/greens to feed them.

I'm not sure if it is the reason that a lot of my pullets have finally laid...have one left that has not produced an egg yet...a SLW named Cora Lee. Pansy (BO) laid today and her comb/face has not been red yet and she does not squat...so might have been the pepper.

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