why so few eggs?


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May 18, 2013
We have 16 hens. 3 couple year old hens, 3 rir hens that's started laying this past month, 4 australorps that are laying and are 2 weeks older than the rirs, and 6 americauna hens who haven't started laying yet, and Lil Red, our rir roo. But we are only gettin 4-5 eggs a day average. I think one of our older hens may be really slowing down on her egg production though. Our hens are happy, with plenty of space, food, water, and a gentle a respectful roo. Considering the breeds and the ages, I was expecting to average 7-8 eggs a day. Any idea why we are getting so few eggs?

Also, do americaunas only lay blue or green eggs, not brown or pink?

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The daylight hours are decreasing right now, so that is likely causing a decrease in egg production. Also, fall is the time when many chickens molt. Have you noticed any feathers in your chicken's coop/run lately, or any hens missing feathers? Molting chickens do not usually lay until they are done molting. There is a chance that they are hiding their eggs, but I think that the above two reasons are more likely.

Americaunas (which I assume are actually Easter Eggers) usually lay blue or green eggs. However, some do lay pinkish eggs, and some even lay just ordinary brown eggs. Easter Eggers are crossbreeds, and while they generally lay green or blue eggs, they can really lay any variety of colors.
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They arent molting yet, but i hadnt thought of that. And after i posted this i did some research, and they are indeed EEs, i think, but thats a debate for a different thread :) there are some feathers in the run, not no more than normal.
I am having the same problem only more extreme. I have about 50 hens (all different kinds) and I got 1 egg yesterday and 3 each few days before. I haven't changed their food, they are free range during the day but no eggs! Some hatched this year oldest are 2 years old.
If you have that many birds and that few eggs, the first thing I think of is "hidden nest". If they truly ARE free range, they most likely found the *perfect* spot to lay their eggs-out of sight of predators, including you. I'd try keeping them in a few days, but I'd let a couple out and see if you can watch them to figure out where they're going. If they're this year's birds (and you mentioned some are) I doubt they're molting and 2 year old hens should still be laying fine after their molt, which should be obvious with that many birds. Other causes of course are worms or external parasites. Have you checked them for internal/external parasites?
Older hens do slow their production as they approach 3. No longer daily eggs but they slow to a few eggs a week. I would check for a predator too. Snakes love eggs. My neighbor found a 5 ft long pine snake eating her eggs in the coop.

I would look and see too of hiding eggs. I had chicken hide 22 eggs once and I found their under my SLW Dopey as she was sitting on them in a nest which put her at a 45 degree angle! They can be pretty sneaky!


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