why such a talkative rooster? is something wrong

Hippie Chic

7 Years
Nov 5, 2012
So hello from missouri to yall, I am a newish chichen momma. I have had 3 full size layers for the last two years. Last winter my husband brought me 3 more chicks, one happened to be a rooster (Theo is his name). Problem is when he first started to crow he did it like 24/7 even at night every few minutes so annoying. Now he does it but not quite as often , is there a reason he is so talkative all the time just want a bit of sleep and less crowing. would it help to bring him in some new ladies to breed. Also I recently lost a momma with chicks to a coyote will the babies be ok with no guidance they survived the last week so far?
this is my first "thread" . please let me know if I am doing this right I don't do much on the computer these days.
That is normal for rooster and is why some cities do not allow them - too many neighbor complaints about all the noise. I raised one up and thought maybe I could sneak him in under the radar. Not a chance!! lol

The chicks should be fine as long as you make sure to keep them warm enough. If they are not yet fully feather they will need a heat lamp. Search brooder in the threads for some good ideas. They do not need any guidance to be good chickens as the majority of their behaviors are instinctual.

Welcome and good luck!!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Roosters do love to crow - some of them a LOT. I have 6 and believe me you know when it starts to get light.

You can try keeping the chickens in their coop with windows toward the house closed until you get up in the morning, cuts the volume some.
Hello and welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!
Greetings from Kansas, Hippie Chic, and
! Great to have you here. I guess I'm lucky - my rooster crows only about a dozen times in the morning. Then he's silent for the rest of the day. I know some people have some chronic crowers, however. Guess you have one of those. Best of luck to you!

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