11 Years
Mar 24, 2008
I'm not having any luck.

1st - Last Saturday - I broke an egg open that has a developing chick in it.

2nd - Friday - One of the chicks under my brooding hen hatches out but dies while it's still wet.

3rd - Today - I go to check on the hen and she is really agitated. Why? Because something has stolen 5 of her eggs and there is a crushed egg with the half developed chick inside underneath her.

Now I only have 6 eggs left under her and I'm about to just give up. My brother works at a feed store so I asked him to see if he can find anyone who will let me borrow a bator. Maybe I can try to hatch the eggs that way. Am I doing something wrong? Please if anyone has any suggestion on what I could do better I would appreciate it very much.
You might want to consider a Broody Pen next time.

Just a small ark with a big nestbox, and enclosed run. Give Mom space to leave the nest to poop, etc, and supply food and water.

Meanwhile .... fingers crossed for the rest.
She is still in the coop with the other chickens and probably more open to predators. My brother tends to think a snake might have gotten into the coop because none of the chickens were gone just the eggs. Could I put her in a dog crate in my shop and kind of cover it so that she is secluded and not too bothered by our movements?
They are probably very close to hatching. Might not be a good time to move them unless you could stick 6 eggs from the fridge (warmed) under her, and move them to a hatcher. Then replace the eggs with chicks as they hatch (when dry)
Thanks for the advice. I don't have a bator of my own so I'm going to wait and see if my brother can find one at his work. I know for sure that 2 of the eggs started on the 24th so if I do get a bator I might try to put them into it. I'm not really sure on the other eggs. I need to check the numbers on the eggs that are left. I candled all the eggs the 22nd so I have a faint idea of how far along each one was. I guess I’ll just keep waiting and watching and let nature take its course.
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