Why won't they go into their nesting boxes ?


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Jun 10, 2009
I have 16 hens about 4 months old. They go out during the day and return to the coop at night. They have a nice outdoor run. They also free range at times,
They are happy to perch in their roosts, but I have never seen one go into the nest?

What to do?
They are about 20" off the floor and we even put in a ramp to encourage them !


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May 22, 2007
Greeneville, Tn
You do not want them to use nest boxes before they lay. Even when they do start laying they might take sometime to use them. You still have a month or more before they start.


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May 19, 2009
Richfield, Summit Co.,Ohio
I installed our boxes (or rather, DH did:)) when our oldest chickens were 17 weeks. At 21 weeks, our EE laid her first egg (yeah!!) But she used the floor of the coop to do this. I have sprinkled DE throughout the coop, and can see from the lack of disturbance of the DE dust that no one has investigated our lovely wooden boxes (12x12) that have fluffy shavings (like the coop floor) and gently weighted plastic Easter eggs inside. Our EE has given us 5 eggs in the last week and a half, all on the floor of the coop.
I've been told when the other 14 girls get on track, that once one of the find the boxes and uses, the others will think "well, that sure is a nice location for this" and join in the use of the boxes. I hope so!

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