Wierd Frizzle?


Aug 25, 2018
My frizzle has strange feathers. The are curled as they should be, but they are also very narrow and appear more like silkie feathers. She has white skin, and four toes. Is this normal? She looks nothing like the pictures online.
Could just be a frazzle then..

:Note: A frazzle is what you get when you breed a frizzle to another frizzle. Fazzled birds will have thinner/weaker feathers on them..
It might be a frazzle. Do a little search on BYC and see what you think.
She is feathering in like a frazzle, but the tips of her feathers are furry? I think MillersFarm may be right.
What is her comb type? She may be a frazzled sizzle..
This would make sense why she is a frazzle with silkie ish feathers but no silkie features.
Sizzles have feathered legs, 5 toes, and a walnut comb type. SO I doubt she has any sizzle in her if she doesn't have the 5 toes.. Frizzles and frazzles can have fuzzy feathers that may seem "Silkie" like..
I have silkies (unrelated). I'm for sure she is a frazzle, but I'm perplexed because her feathers look and feel like silkie feathers but she has none of the silkie features. She does have feathered legs though.
She is a hatchery bird. Is it possible she could have been bred from a single comb silkie (hatchery quality)?

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