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  1. So this is about REAL wild chickens, im asking about things like jungle fowl not orpingtons, so if say a wild chicken, red jungle fowl hen for example, has 10 chicks, and 9 of the chicks have pasty butts, do 90% of the babies die? if so then wild chickens have no chance it seems like

    the reason i ask about real wild chickens is just if WE let a chicken raise the chicks we'll rip off the poo, but if it doesnt have a human to do so does the chick die?
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    Hi CochinBrahmaLover,

    wild chicks won't be getting pasty butts, on the whole.
    I've never seen it in chicks not fed processed food (i.e. chicks raised 'as wild').
    Going out on a limb here, but that's my feeling...

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  4. okay thanks, i wouldnt have thought of THAT LOL

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