wild duck beginner

broody rooster

Jul 17, 2015
hello everyone for the past few days ive taken an interest in some of the native duck species here and have been looking around on threads and have noticed people keep alot of native species which suprised me because i thought the migratory bird thing didnt allow the keeping of them but it caught my attention so i have a couple questions that i wanted to ask but also keep in mind i have never had ducks of any kind and i have little experience aside from feeding my neighbors muscovies while she was out of town so to start is there some kind of permit necesary to keep native species? what are the dietary requirments of ducks in general? what are some good species good for beginners that are hardy and get friendly? any personal experience would be nice and the species ive taken a particular interest in are mergansers, teals, whistling ducks, redheads and a few of the shelduck species thankyou

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