Will 6 week old bantam chicks eat rocks that are too big for them?


9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
Long Island NY
Hi All, I have 2 questions today...

1) I'm putting my chicks out in their coop next weekend (they will be 6 weeks old) and I put construction sand for the floor in the attached run. I see some rocks that range from pea size to lima bean size mixed in with the sand. Will the chicks possibly eat these larger rocks? And if they do, could they get stuck in their crops?

2) I want to put some type of roost bar/tree branch (1"diameter) high up in my run so that they can fly up onto something. How high can I go up. My run is 6' high in the front and 5' high in the back. I want them to be able to stretch their wings, but then I read something that said not to go too high or they may hurt themselves flying down.

ps. I know they would encounter these things out in nature, but if I can protect them from possible injury, I'd at least like to try.

Thanks as always:)
1). I am not sure. I have never had one eat anything and choke, but that is just me.
2). Not sure again. My bantams easily fly over my 4 ft fence and don't seem to hurt themselves flying down. Also, some roost on top of the coop, which is about 5 ft high and they fly down with no problems. I think that whatever height you put it at inside the run will be fine.

Good luck!!

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