will a 5 month old BBB turkey be tough when roasted, if not brined?


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Apr 20, 2007
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I am supposed to be feeding DH's relatives tomorrow and am having second thoughts and worries

Is a 5 month old BBB hen, aged not quite 72 hrs, going to be real tough?

I could brine it, was planning to, but then this morning I remembered that although DH uses salt like it's going out of style, his mother HATES salt and has remarkably sensitive tastebuds to it, so now I am concerned that brining may make it too salty. I will brine if I have to, would rather have salty for m-i-l than tough for everyone; but, what do you think?


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Update: I "choked", and brined it in a half-strength solution for 10 hrs before cooking, then rinsed the bejeebers out of it

It was not noticeably salty, and was just about as tender as a typical store-boughten turkey (but with much better more-distinct flavor). I have no idea how much tenderness was from ageing and how much from brining and how much would have been that way no matter what I did... but, point is, everybody ate it with reasonable satisfaction



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