Will a Bantam use a standard sized chicken nest box?

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    Sep 28, 2012
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    I got 3 standard sized chickens that'll be laying soon and a bantam that's already laying. Will she lay in the larger nest boxes or will we have to build her her own smaller nest box for her to lay eggs in?

    Oh, I should also ask these questions for people who have a mixed flock of bantams and standards;

    Do you have separate feeders/waterers for your bantams?

    Right now their waterer is on top of a bucket in their coop, which would be too high for my bantam, but she's not in there right now since she's a new bird. Eventually I'm going to have the feeder and waterer hanging, but I don't want it too low where they'll always kick bedding into it BUT I also don't want it too high where my bantam won't be able to reach. I also don't like having feeders on the floor since they'll knock it over and get bedding into it.

    But yeah, what are your ideas and suggestions?
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    Aug 4, 2013
    Hiya there!

    I have a mixed flock and all use the same nest box (they have two, but insist on all using just one of them - even when there is a broody hen in it LOL). Our nest boxes are just plastic crates filled with straw, but have been thinking about putting some different shaped/enclosed ones in the coop too to see if I can get them to use other nestboxes.

    They don't have separate feeders/drinkers, just sitting them on bricks stops ours from knocking them over or flinging stuff in them, which is the perfect height for the shorties. If you're hanging them I would just adjust them until you get the perfect height so they can all reach :)
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    We only have one bantam hen in the flock, having finally gotten rid of (coq au vin, delicious) several bantam roosters.

    Our nesting boxes are made with moveable partitions inside a larger space. Depending on who cleaned the coop last and our whims, they vary in number and size. We have not found a reasonable size that is so small a full-size hen won't use it or so big that the bantam does not. As long as she can reach the water she's OK.
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