Will A Goose Mother Ducklings?


6 Years
Jun 15, 2013
My 2 geese have been sitting on eggs for about a month now.
I am beginning to get worried that the eggs are not going to hatch.
I have started incubating some duck eggs that are due in a few weeks.
I'm wondering if the goose's eggs do not hatch, will they take to the ducklings as if they are their own?
She has mothered goslings before & is a very good mother. Not sure about the other goose as she is only 1 year old.
Also, my gander is a bit of a bully to my existing ducks.
I think it's because he is protecting the goose eggs.
Is it likely that he would bully the ducklings & goslings(if they do hatch)?

It might be best to just raise the ducklings myself & keep them in the run separately.
I just thought I would ask those more experienced for advice. I don't want mama goose(s) to be sad from not hatching anything. Thank you.
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You may be able to help actually keep ducks by giving them to the geese.Generally,ganders help raise young and will be pretty docile towards them.You could try take her eggs,and sneaking the ducklings under her,without her seeing them,best to do this at night.She may possibly adopt them.

If you want,after sneaking them under her,watch and see what happens within the first 10 minutes,or even do the procedure early in the morning 6:00,just when its a little dem.

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