Will a single chick hatched by a broody be okay? Does he need friends?


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
I would never raise a single chick in a brooder, but this little munchkin was the sole hatcher and survivor out in the coop. I actually had two broodies sharing a nest (you can read about that here ). So this little punkin actually has two moms all to himself. They are both sitting there with him and he'll kind of run under one and then the other. They seem to be one nice little family.

I considered moving my inside chicks out with the moms, but I'm not so sure I want to do that. Would there be any harm in leaving the little guy alone out there? I mean he's not alone..he has adult chickens. Or does he really need peeps his own age?

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The chick will be fine! I have read that you shouldn't put chicks more than 3 days old under a broody- but I don't know from experience if this is true or not.

You might research this first if you decide to go that route, as hens kill chicks if they aren't theirs quite often.
I had a lone hatched chick and he did just fine. His mamma took good care of him and I just let her do her thing. PS: She hatched him, and it wasn't even her egg.

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