Will bantam rooster fertilize red star hen

I'd like to hijack this thread and throw it wide open. Can any bantam Roo fertilise any Standard Hen?

For example, Is a Serama Roo on a Jersey Giant too much of a stretch.

(Sorry to hijack your thread
Forgive me?)
I have one bantam ee rooster with 11 standard hens. I get a 50/50 on the fertile eggs. A serama rooster would be smaller and might not be as sucessful.......but i am sure he wont object to trying
Yes, my brahma bantam keeps my red stars pretty fertile. He has two four week old red star-brahma crosses running around out there now to prove it. These are 2 of the four that hatched.

Note if it was sebright roo, I don't know if he could fertilize, but he would certainly try. What breed is the rooster? (Reason I ask is there's a big difference in size between my bantam brahma roo and my sebright hen).
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We have watched our little guys (OEG) try extremely hard, with very submissive standard hens (Brahmas, BOs, BRs) and have seen it actually work a few times. But very rarely do they succeed!
One of our seramas.only3monthsor so old, chases and mounts a 10 lb 9 yr old Jersey Giant. I have no idea if it works, she isn't laying, but it is extremely unlikely. It sure is cute
What about OEG roos and Bantam Cochin hens, and vice versa? I'm thinking of moving my OEGs and Bantam Cochins into a seperate coop and run from my egg layers. I don't really want them to cross breed, but don't have but one other coop to move them to.
thanks for the replys. he rooster it a barnyard mut breed. he is considerable smaller then the hen.
My Bantam Cochin Rooster mates with my Standard white Leghorn. I cracked open an egg from her the other day and it looked fertil. Not sure if i am going to try hatching with them yet.
Yes. Last year I had a bantam RIR with standards, BO, BR and Red sex-link, and I hatched 19 chicks. They were all bantum size, but he worked.

Good luck!

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