Will be selling two bantams. Breed-Unknown. Location-Bothell,WA

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    I am so incredibly bummed to have to do this, but I am going to be selling my little bantams that my mom bought me recently. I say 'will be' simply because #1 - I don't want stress them much right now by moving them around and #2 - I can only have three chickens by city ordinances and I am already raising one grown chicken and now two other baby chickies - New Hampshires - to go with her. I want what is best for her and I notice that the NHR are quiet and just seem like they will be better to go with my lone BO then the Bantams.

    These little buddies were born on April 28th. I won't let them go until they are at least a month old though. Maybe sooner. Depends on who wants them, etc. I would really like someone that knows Bantams. I think these little guys (don't know whether they are female/male) will be quite the handful [​IMG] They are already practicing flying too, so you will need an enclosed place for them and I don't have that for my chickens.

    Even now, when everyone else wants to take a nap, one of them will sit on their little perch I gave them and scream its head off. Why? It wants me to come in there, pick it up and hold it so that it can nap in my hand. [​IMG] Oh my goodness it is cute! As soon as I first saw them and held them they both fell asleep in my hands so I would also 'really' want someone that will be able to give them plenty of attention. I don't see that these guys will be for someone who just wants leave them outside without spoiling them with attention. They love attention [​IMG]

    Anyway, feel free to email me, or pm me - email would be better - if interested. They will only be able to be picked up and depending on their size/age when picked up, I can give some of what I am feeding them and anything else I may have given to just them to go with them. If you have any questions, any thing at all you'd like to know if you are interested, please ... ask away. I'll be completely honest and truthful about it all. And know that before you get them, they will be spoiled off attention and love. I know no other way to treat any animal.

    I am writing a blog on my experiences with chickens. How I take care of them, etc. Simply to let people know what it is like. Friends, family, etc. So you can check out photos of them, what I do with them, etc. Keep track of them here ...


    Or, photos are -


    Oh! And these two do not have names yet, so whoever wants them can name them - only if you are serious about taking them - and I will start calling them those names so they get used to them. I can email you daily updates on their progress, send photos, etc. You will be a part of their life even before you come to pick them up. You can email me every day to check on their progress and I will update you [​IMG] I want them go to a great home and that is why I am advertising now, before I have to get rid of them.


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