Will Broody silkie with adopted 2 day old chicks be ok in 102 degree heat next week?


May 14, 2011
DFW - mid cities, Tx
Hi, I never raised baby chicks. Here's the story - one of my 2 remaining silkies died last week. My one remaining silkie was broody so I bought her 2 chicks from the feed store and put them under her 2 nights ago. She accepted them instantly. Now I'm worried about the heat wave coming.

The coop is small (3 x 3 ft) located in complete shade of holly tree and stockade fence. The southwest wall and roof are insulated. Both side walls are more than 1/2 open to air and I have a fan on the outside to blow a little breeze through the coop. The pop door stays open as I have a completely secured run that is also covered and mostly shaded.

Is there anything else I can resonably do? (I am not installing an A/C unit). I have tried misters in the past but I find they clog up quickly and make a muddy mess. I'm afraid of drowning chicks if I put out a pan of cool water for them to wade in.
Don't worry about it. They need the heat at this point and if they are too hot they will just stay out from under her. I have a momma hen with chicks and it's 90-100*. They aren't acting any different then spring chicks.

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