Will Campbells start laying the first fall?


11 Years
Jan 6, 2009
Tampa Bay
I have 2 Cinnamon and 1 Khaki Campbells hens about 5 month + old. They are losing lots of featers now, do spring born ducks molt first fall? They did not start laying yet. Besides that they are healthy and happy ducks.

The day lenght in Florida does not fluctuate as much as in northern states, my chickens and coturnix quail are still laying without artificial day extention.
Obviously when there are feathers all over the place they are molting.

My question is DO ALL DUCKS MOLT the FIRST YEAR (FALL) ??????
I have one hen and one drqke cambell duck which the hen is sitting on a nest of six eggs now. She has been on the nest maybe a week and half. My kaki cambells were born this past Spring and are possibly six months old now. She has been laying eggs for about two months and I had been collecting the eggs, but recently put them into a new pen and now have let her sit on a nest of six eggs. I am new to ducks and still pretty much at the learning stage so if anyone can also add to this post I too will be interested as to if this is normal behavior.
Thanks fot your input, so they are capable to lay the first fall I understand. Broody Campbels are a rarity I believe, but there are always exemption from the "rules".

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