Will chickens use a small wading pool in hot weather?


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Jan 12, 2011
It's over 90 and looking to stay that way for awhile. One of our hens hopped up and splashed around in the concrete birdbath out back, and it got me thinking: would the girls enjoy something larger, a small wading pool perhaps? I wouldn't expect them to use it to get clean (they seem to do fine with their dirt-baths), but to splash around and cool off? I don't want to waste a bunch of $$ if that's not something chickens "do."

Thanks as always for any info!
My chickens love water. I have large pans in their yards that I keep filled with cool water and they have shade. I also spray water under their shade tables to make it damp and cooler for them. They like to wade in the pans of water. They will get the water dirty from getting in and out of it. The dirt settles to the bottom. I just change the water. In the next to the bottom picture, I used a plastic storage box that goes under a bed. I use the pans now as I was getting algae in the plastic storage box. I don't have an algae problem with the pans. I do clean them daily. Also I have a sprinkler I turn on for awhile in the afternoon when it is the hottest and the chicken get under it and scratch around. I live in Florida and it has been in the 90's here already for the last couple of months.

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