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7 Years
Apr 3, 2013
Scott county KY
My husband and I have finally decided on what breeds we'd like to have in our flock. Since I only want layers and we're not wanting a lot of chickens we've decided on black australorps, EEs, Golden Comets and my husband wants one polish but I'm concerned about the polish getting picked on by the other hens. Hubby doesn't think so if we get all of them as chicks and raise them together but now the challenge will be to find a place that sells only a couple chicks of each breed.

Yes, different breeds of chickens will get along...especially if you get them around the same time. I have Rhode Island Reds, Jersey Giants and Sebright bantams mixed together and I've never had any concerns. With this said, each individual chicken is different and will have a different attitude. As with any flock you will want to monitor them daily and check for any problems which might appear.

As for getting these breeds...I don't think you should have much of a problem. Between my local TSC and Family Farm and Home all of the breeds you've listed are available. If your local farm supply store doesn't have them available then you can find many online hatcheries by simple doing a Google search.

Hope this helps...

P.S. Since you are going with such a mix I would suggest getting a few Rhode Islands...:)
Thank you cnicho05. I think I can persuade the hubby to squeeze in a couple Rhode island reds too. Is there a particular hatchery you'd recommend for a small batch of layers hubby doesn't want no more than 8 hens right now

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