Will Embden geese sit and hatch eggs?


12 Years
Feb 22, 2007
Belleville, WI
I have an embden goose sitting on a clutch in the llama barn. It's still pretty cold out so I don't know if she can raise babies now anyway, but is this breed reliable for the diligence needed to hatch eggs? I see her there every morning, and she covers the nest up when she leaves. I have tried to barricade it so the llamas won't accidentally step on it. Is this a tad early for geese to start laying in Wisconsin? If this one fails, how can I encourage others of my flock to start nests? This one is just in a small pile of hay. I could put out more hay piles, I suppose, but I assume they'd have to be somewhat protected. These are my first geese, just got them last spring, so any help or advice would be appreciated.


Olive Hill

10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
No, now is about the right time. They have started laying in earnest here in Michigan too. That said, those eggs will likely not be viable if you've just left them in the nest. It's cold up here still, and they're probably freezing every night. If you want her to hatch them eventually, you should probably bring them in and store them up and then when she gets to going broody take them out and slip them under her.

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