Will it hatch?

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    I have a pullet that first started laying on 8/12. On the 13th, she didn't lay. She did lay an egg on 8/14. Well, on 8/15 she laid an egg around 9 AM or so and my son wanted to put it in our neighbor's incubator that raises quail and incubates quail eggs.

    I don't know anything about incubating eggs. The neighbor's little guidebook or whatever it is mentions 21 days for chicken eggs.

    What day was considered the 1st day...the 1st day he put it in the incubator (8/15)? I'm not sure what time he put it in there. We got it out of the nest around 9 something AM and gave it to him to put in the incubator...not sure if he immediately put it in there or if he was doing other things and put it in there later that day.

    Besides the quail eggs that he has hatched, he also hatched some turkey eggs that one of his friend's happened to come across on their property while they were clearing out. He was beginning to think they wouldn't hatch, but they finally did.

    I wasn't sure with chickens..how fertility and hatching works. I mean, we do have 2 roosters, so pretty sure the egg was fertilized by one of the roosters, but since it was just her 3rd egg...wasn't sure on her end about how fertility works in chickens...like if she was fertile..or that particular egg was fertile (or like if the egg was already in the making when the rooster happened to mount her????).

    Anyway, my 10-yr old son really wanted this egg put in the incubator instead of me putting it in the fridge (yes..one egg..LOL...we're just starting out). If the 1st day was considered the day it was put in the incubator, then the 21st day was Friday, Sept. 4. It still hasn't hatched.

    Is there any way to tell that it will? I've read a little about candling, but don't quite understand it. Is that a way to tell? I mean, can you see a little chick in there or a heart beating or something by doing that?

    I sure hope for my son's sake that this egg will hatch, but if it doesn't, I guess we can try again since the pullet has been continuously laying and I've witnessed the roosters mounting her, so pretty sure it would be fertile.

    Anyway, is there a way to tell at this point by candling or whatever if this egg is gonna hatch or if it hasn't hatched by how many days is it for sure not gonna hatch?

    Also, if it's not gonna hatch...what happens to this egg..I mean, would it be considered rotten or what? I mean, what do you do with eggs that don't hatch?

    We're hoping to move soon, and when we have more space, we're hoping to have many more chickens (we currently have 6). One of the first things I want is an incubator, but I'm afraid I'll be a bit impatient....LOL

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention that a week or so ago, our power went out (as did our neighbor's) and it was out for about 6 hours. I'm not sure if he had back-up like a generator or not or if he even had other eggs in the incubator (I'm sure he did). But, would this affect it at all?
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    Depending on when it went in the incubator..............

    If it went straight in, then yes it should be hatched by now. 6 hours without power might have slowed or stopped it.

    You can candle it and tell relatively easily. In a dark room, with a flashlight, cup your have around the end of the egg to concentrate the light into the egg. If you see a dark blob with an airsack at one end you are still going. If it looks clear, or empty, then it was not fertile.

    Good luck.
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    I know its' wxciting and yoou'll love all this chicken stuff....we are all hooked and enjoy hatching eggs. I love that you're so impatient to grow more....makes me chuckle!
    Just a lil note....maybe wait til they've laid for a bit in the beginning before incubating....earl eggs are small and maybe not perfect for hatching...I wouldn't want you to be disappointed when they don't hatch or have deformities! Try to wait a lil longer for proper sized eggs to test or hatch.
    Good luck

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