Will momma stop being broody even if eggs don't hatch?

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    May 28, 2009
    I let my broody have 2 eggs and they were due yesterday. One has died (my fault, long story) and there's just one left. Anyway, if it doesn't hatch and I take it away, will momma stop being broody or would she stay broody if I gave her some new eggs? I'm thinking that maybe I should give her some new eggs but don't want her to quit mid-way through. She's an orpington and this is her first time being broody.
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    It's good to allow her to rest from being broody because it takes its toll on the hen, however if she appears healthy she may continue being broody. Also depends on the breed of hen.
    ETA- What breed is she?
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    It's hard to know, since she's a first time broody.

    I have hens that will sit forever. Seriously. They hatched muscovy eggs, and were sitting a week before I gave them the eggs. So that adds up to six weeks of sitting. It's a long time for a hen to sit. It does take a toll on their health.

    I always try to make sure that my hens don't lose too much weight when they're broody. Every day I give them a bowl of chicken feed mixed with water. For some reason, mine go crazy for it when it's wet. I take them off the nest, get them moving around to break the trance, and feed the treat. I make sure that they are able to eat as much as they want without any of the other hens bothering them. I think that helps some, but they still lose weight. It's inevitable.

    So, I guess my point is that it's possible she will continue to sit long enough to hatch another set of eggs. As for whether or not it's a good idea, well, you'll have to be the judge of that.
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    Aug 25, 2009
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    My silkie hen just sat on eggs for almost 5 weeks (1st batch candled clear at day 8, we gave her new eggs, today was day 25 and no live chicks made it - they died in the shell around day 18 or 19...), she's back in the coop now as she seriously needs a break.

    It's winter here and she's lost a lot of weight even if I made sure she had plenty of food, water, I brought her to dust-bathe every 2 days, etc.

    she would still be sitting on those eggs for a long time if I let her...

    Poor thing is being pecked on by the flock, she's lost and just clucking in circles, looking for her eggs. She had been in the house for 25 days [​IMG]

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