Will my chickens get too Cold?


7 Years
Sep 30, 2012
We have 17 chickens; each 16 weeks old. A couple of them are pretty big for their age. We have addressed the fact that because of Hurricane Sandy, we will get some snow. It will be the first time that our chickens see snow. But because of their age I have become paranoid that the girls may freze. We want to get them ready and also to let them outside. We don'y know what snow may do to their body temp, feet, or maybe their emotions. Please leave a response on how we might be able to keep them warm!
No, they will be just fine.

Folks here keep chickens just fine in Alaska. Our climate here in northern Mi is extremely cold in the winter, -20 is reasonably common and the rarer -30 happens often enough. The birds don't "rejoice" over those temps, but the manage just fine.

Keep them out of the harsh winds and blowing rain/snow and they will be hunky dory.
Ditto what everyone else said. Our temps have been hovering around the freezing mark during the day, and anywhere between 0 and -11 degrees celcius at night so far. They certainly don't seem to mind the cold, the ice however will take some getting used to! My big Blue Orp rooster was on his butt a few times today!

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