will my day old chick be ok he cannot stand!!!


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013

This little chick was hatched yesterday with no dramas and I noticed that it just layed side on chirping so I thought it just buggered so this morning I checked him again and well as you can see in first pic he still just lays there kicking and chirping. I cannot see anything visibly wrong with his legs. I did stand him in bottom pic but didn't stay in that position for even a second as as soon as he went to move he fell to the side again.. So anyone who can help please let me know if there is anything I can do..
Is he eating and drinking?. It may be neurological, but if it just has a leg problem such as splay leg or slipped tendon, you may be able to help. Get some Polyvisol baby vitamins without iron and give it 1-2 drops daily. You could also use chick vitamins (or Save a Chick) in the water. The treatment for splay leg (when they can't hold the legs together) is a bandaid. Here is some info on leg problems and treatments such as the bandaid treatment: https://sites.google.com/a/poultrypedia.com/poultrypedia/poultry-podiatry
Thanks I will give this a go. I did give him few drops warm water but haven't tried to get him to eat as he only hatched yesterday so not 24hrs old even...
well I band aid his legs like it said but he still falls I also read about putting him in small box so sides are close and I did this with a light globe box but he still manages to get out. I keep trying to see what is wrong and from pictures of splayed legs he just doesn't seem to have that or even curled toes. Although one foot seems to point up when I have bandaid on I noticed. It is although his back is bent if I was to think of what looks wrong.. Is this a possibility? He is happy chirping I put him in with other chicks as he was knocking eggs that are due in incubator... He just always falls. is this worth the time to keep trying as I don't want to put him through hell.. Is it best for him to go??
Well I got my hubby to check the little fella and he to said that looks like it has bent spine.. So unfortunately we didn't want to put him through misery as he was getting jumped on and pecked as he was on his back all time so he has gone to chicky heaven... Hope this doesn't happen again I don't like it...
I'm sorry about the chick, but you did the right thing

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