Will my ducks be sad


10 Years
Oct 19, 2009
I have 4 peking ducks I got two months ago as ducklings from tractor supply. I got them for my pond but the refuse to stay by it. Won't even swim. They're happy just walking around the yard with this one little chick. I don't know why that chick stays with them but whatever makes it happy.

So today I got a call from someone down the road. She had two ducks in her pond and one wandered to the road and got ran over. She was wondering where I got my ducks and could she buy one from me. I told her I'd think about it and give her a call back this weekend. If I gave her one duck to go with her one duck, will it be ok for the duck leaving the other three? Will it pair up with her duck and be alright?

I'm new to ducks. I hate that her duck is all alone.


the bird is the word
11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
Personally I wouldn't give any of my birds to someone I know is going to mistreat/neglect them. I'd offer to let her duck move in with mine before giving one of mine to her. But that's my opinion.

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