Will scattered woodchip bedding be detrimental to/kill my grass?


6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
My new chooks keep scattering their bedding everywhere. I use semi fine woodchips. Can't rake my lawn as have wire down on grass permanantely to protect grass from digging feet. Just wondering if woodchips will still allow grass to grow? Also over the course of six weeks they have done a fair bit of damage to grass. Is there anythi.g I can use to help revive it?
Hubby dumped some old litter out in our back pasture and it killed every stitch of grass underneath it. Could have been the wood chips or the combo of wood and litter but it killed it quick.
If the woodchips are completely covering the lawn about 1 inch thick, it will probably kill the grass. As long as some of the grass is sticking up and getting sunlight, it will probably be OK, but defineately not as thick and healthy. I think eventually, the chickens will win and kill the grass.

Is this in the chicken run, or in your yard where they free range?

I used superfine woodchips (from the planer in the woodshop) for a mulch around my trees. I put it down about 3" thick initially and it matted to about 1". Still have crabgrass and other weeds growing up through it. :)
My chickens scatter the bedding and soil too.Time to exclude them from most of the yard!

I use wood chips and old pine shaving bedding as mulch.If your grass can peek out it should be ok.Just rake back what you can into your garden bed.

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