Will Sevin help leg mites?

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    We found a few of our birds with feathered feet also had leg mites. So far, it hasn't spread to any with clean legs, and we'd like it to stay that way. We've been applying aquaphor to the legs and feet at night while they're roosting (but we don't think there was enough so we're going to be adding more than usual). We've been doing this every night for the last few days. However, to speed up the process, would it be okay to mix in a little Sevin dust with the goopy aquaphor? Would it hurt the birds? I would have liked to see better results by now.
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    I don't know what aquaphor is, but since you said goopy, I'm guessing it's the consistancy of vaseline, so I don't think it could HURT mixing in a little Seven. I'd think about dowsing the legs with Adams spray before applying the smothering goop...

    ETA: Our d'uccle roo had horrible leg mites when we got him. We gave him a little Ivermectin (hidding in pieces of bread), doused him with Adams, soaked his feet every other day and coated with vaseline. So there's no way of determining WHAT worked, but within 10 days his feet were gorgeous (for chicken feet, and considering he had parts of two different toes missing). His feet are still clean and healthy and his feet/leg feathers have grown back beautifully (we cut a lot to treat them).
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  3. I'd like to avoid spending more money if I can help it (just spent half of my babysitting money on tri-neo for bumblefoot). So I'm going to try this first. If it doesn't work after a week or two, I guess I'll be investing in more stuff. Aquaphor is similar to vasaline (I honestly haven't used vas in a while myself, but aquaphor is alot like the consistancy neosporin). Aquaphor is used for dry skin, it's human stuff. But I put it on my bird's combs and wattles in the winter and it heals frost bite really well.

    Thank you. I'd like to see if anyone else adds...
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    Also, just FYI. I bought one of the "one dose" applications of Ivermectic (for horses), and it was only $3 or $4 for the single dose (which of course would last chickens a LONNNGGGG time)...
  5. Very good to know. [​IMG] Our TSC doesn't carry alot of stuff, but I'll be sure to look when I visit next. Most of the medications I've needed for my chickens I've bought online. They're just starting to get more stuff now. Took them a while to get the most general treatments. But thank you very much.
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    Quote:Same here-I'm leary of the Seven-I won't use that around my dogs-I'm really cautious about all that stuff.
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    sevin dust mixed with Vaseline (or any goo) is a tried and tested method for leg mites , works great. I use Sevin on all our animals, and our gardens, doesnt hurt a thing it is a very weak chemical, so dont worry about it harming anything. I see so many people on here that are terrified of it, for no just reason. Yes it's a neurotoxin based chemical, but it's so mild your or your pets would have to eat a hole bag of it to be hurt from it. But it kills the heck out of bugs.

    And yes, Ivermectin is great for it too.
    Another cheap home remedy for leg mites is WD 40, yes it does everything, even kills leg mites, LOL
    Never tried it on feather legged birds. My NPIP tester told me about it , works great on clean legged, should for any if you can get it in there to the skin.
  8. This's good to hear. I hope these little suckers die soon.

    Thanks all. I'll tell you all how it goes in a few days.

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