will she ever lay eggs???haha

Cody Walker

6 Years
Jun 18, 2013
i have a rio grande hen that hatched last year. it was either the last couple days of june or the first day or two of july. she hasnt started laying yet and im wondering if she will lay this year? i have another hen(narragansett) that hatched the same time she did and she is laying but im thinking since she is a wild she is maturing slower. she is still awfully small. but i caught my tom doing his deed probably close to 2 months ago. so i figured it would be soon. she will get on the nest occasionally and just sit there like she is going to lay one but i think she is just teasing me... any advice?
Wish I could help. I have some young pullets that do the same thing before they start laying but that's chickens. I have my first turkeys and am hoping more me will lay so I can hatch some out next month. They are all grown birds so fingers crossed
I hatched 10 eastern wilds last july and have 7 hens now all 7 hens have been laying since march. They have already produced 22 poults. Theres very little difference between Rio Grande and Easterns. She might just be taking a little longer but she should start soon unless your in a cold climate.
im located in missouri so its not too cold. hopefully its soon! wanting some babies out of her and my tom!
Well, laying eggs for her is going to be inevitable, right?
I think she's definitely teasing you!!!
Just think how happy you are going to be when you find that first one!

So I'm new to this raising turkeys business. How did you make a nest? Is it the same as building a nesting box for chickens?

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