Will these numbers crunch in favor of the birds having enough room?


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I want to build a tractor set-up with a run that measures 12 X 12. Then, I want to divide that in half in order to raise two breeds separate from one another. So, each run will be 6 X 12. That gives 7 Silver Penciled Rocks and, 7 Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas a bit over 10 sq. ft. per bird inside the run. Six feet wide sounds kinda narrow but, I see many runs even narrower here.

The coop will measure 5 X 12. It also, will be divided into two 5 X 6 halves. Each "half" will provide each bird a bit over 4 sq. ft. per bird inside the coop.

The chickens will be locked into the coop only at night. My plan was to have the feeders mounted outside, in the run. Should I instead, put the feeders inside the coop?


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The numbers sound okay. I generally keep my feed out in the runs, but I found the feeder getting all mucked up with rain and snow too frequently, so I moved it inside. It seems to be working out fine inside. I may keep it there permanently. The waterer I will probably move back outside once the weather warms up. My waterer leaks slightly, so it has been making a mess inside the coop.

Good luck.


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Those numbers meet the minimum requirements used on this forum for a fixed coop and run. For a tractor, they are plenty big enough. Many people give them less space in a tractor but wind up having to move it twice a day. With that much space, you should not have to move it nearly so often. I had 8 chickens in an 8' x 8' tractor and only had to move it every two to four days, depending on how wet the weather was.

People do feeders both ways. If you are leaving them locked in the coop portion for long periods after they wake up, feeding in the coop is probably a good idea. But if you let them out shortly after sunrise, it does not matter that much.


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I feed in the coop but keep the water in the run. I figure if I'm a little late letting them out at least they can eat and i don't have rodents snacking all nite if I don't bring in the food.

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I have the food & water inside the coop & another water-er outside in the run. I fill the water-er in the run all the time.The one inside not to often but I keep it fresh.


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Space-wise sounds fine. My only concern would be...will your tractor end up being too big to move in a reasonably easy manner??? Guess I'm picturing it weighing a ton at the dimentions you've mentioned...
Just something to keep in mind.

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