Will they all ever hang out together?


12 Years
Sep 2, 2009
Claxton, GA
I have had my original flock of 9 since August 2009. They all came from the same person. They include 2 roos, 5 hens & 2 still unknown. We added 6 to our current flock almost 4 weeks ago - 5 hens & 1 that the guy was unsure if it is a hen or roo. They were about 4 months in age, in fact they were still in a brooder. There was no problems introducing the "Newbies" to the "Originals". Of course the occasional peck here and there but nothing serious. What I am seeing is when I let them all out to free range the "Originals" go off in their group excluding the "Newbies" which stay in their little group. (kinda like a high school click..lol) The "Originals" include the roos which is good protection. The "Newbies" coming right out of the brooder have no "street smarts" per se. So I worry they could become easy targets, which one has already almost became hawk food.

So my question is: Will the "Originals" ever include the "Newbies" in the group? And will the roos ever show lovin' to the new girls when they are "of age" and show the same protection?
Mine started bonding together after a couple of months of acting like cliquish high school girls. The two "alpha" hens are now BFFs. Go figure. I would just give it time. I thought for sure mine would never band together.

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