Will they be okay in just their run?


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Jan 8, 2010
Louisville, KY
The run is finished, and the girls are in it. It's completely predator proof, but there is no shelter. Will they be okay for one night? I'm so nervous--this is their first night out of the garage. I do have a tablecloth I could put at one end. There coop is finished, but we need some extra help in getting it moved to it's permanent spot. I just cannot put them back in that rubbermaid container.
No rain tonight--I did flip their old rubbermaid container on it's side and put a piece of cardboard over top of run over the container, but they've decided they would rather huddle in the corner of the run.
Yeah, they made it throught the night. I worried all night about raccoons. When I went to check on them this , they had scratched all the shavings out of the tub. I really want to get my coop in there, but it looks like one more night.
Yes the run is made out of hardware cloth, but no apron around the bottom. That's the part that had me worried--we put some boards and rocks around the bottom.

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