Will they lay in the yard


13 Years
Jun 7, 2008
South Carolina
We will be free ranging our girls during the day and locking them in the coop at night. The coop has both roosts and nesting boxes. Will my chickens still lay eggs in the yard and woods during the day or do they mostly lay at night when they will be in the coop?
Put golf balls or fake eggs in your box's to encourage your hens to use them. I still find the odd egg here and there outside their coop. Nice thing is, if you find a spot where they lay, they will keep using that spot. So you wont have to go on an easter egg hunt.
I don't let my chickens out until noon. It minimizes the number of hidden nests.
That works too, but chickens like doing most of their ranging early morning to beat the heat. The disadvantage of letting them out so late is they will just find a shade spot and sit there.
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