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  1. dogfool

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    Mar 14, 2010
    Wilson, Wisconsin
    I picked up 2,1yr. old hens yesterday, have them housed very temporarily in a x lg. dog crate at night, and fenced in a 8 ft area during the day, we have build the frame for a 3x4 house with 2 nesting boxes and a 10'by3' run this will be completed today. My husband wants to get 2 more laying hens to put in that house and run and We will be adding 13 chicks to this flock next week, but will have an 8x8 house and a large 20'x20'run. We would like to house the large birds in the small coop and run until the chicks are old enough to integrate the flock, is this adequate housing? My concern is with the small coop and 4 hens!
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    Mar 3, 2009
    I think as long as you have enough roost space and they dont have to spend all day in the coop then you should be fine.. Your dimensions are just shy of the 4sq ft.. I have maybe 2.5 feet per bird at my house but lots of roosts and they do great....

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