will this temp coop suffice?

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  1. ydkjenn

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    Dec 27, 2013
    I have three fully feathered 6 week old chicks. I need to get them outside. Temps will be around 50 at night and 65-70 during the day. I have separated a section of the big girls' run for the chicks and made an "emergency" coop for a hen that was injured, using a large plastic trash can on its sides stuck in the bottom rungs of sawhorses with a tarp over the whole thing and anchored down in front like an awning so the opening to the trash can is under the tarp. Would this suffice for the three little girls? Do I still need a heat source? Because there's no way to get heat out there. I only need it to work for a couple weeks while everyone gets acquainted with each other through the run fence. Then they're going in with the big girls.
    If not, any ideas for super cheap (ie scrap) small emergency coop that can be made in a day? today.
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    Mar 26, 2011
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    At 6 weeks and with those temps they should be fine as long as they have shelter and warm shavings or straw to cuddle in.

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