Will this work??? input please.


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Your thoughts please.......

I have a beautiful coop my husband made for our chickens 2 years ago. We have 3 chickens left....had to get rid of the bullies ....gave them to a farm. The coop is for 4/5 hens at most.

I have a new flock of 5 EE's that are 10 weeks old.

We are in the process of converting a large doghouse into a coop. Its a very nice doghouse.

What are your thoughts of having 2 coops with adjoining run - when they are old enough to mix. I'm thinking some will sleep in one coop and some in the other. When opened up in the morning, they will mix in the run.

Will this work?

ETA: Does anyone have 2 coops for all of their chickens?
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How big is the run? Can you split it in half with chicken wire for an introduction period? Shouldn't be a problem to have the two coops and one run, they'll just each go into their preferred coop at night once the 10 weekers are acclimated to it.


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Your biggest problem is mixing them in the run. I had 2 separate flocks last year in separate coups and runs. At about 16 weeks I free ranged them all together in my backyard (about 1 acre). Slowly some of the new chickens would move to the "Big House". It got down to 3 or 4 left in the small coup and then one night I go out and all of them are together in one coup. This all started with 2 separate runs for each flock. The runs were side by side so they could see each other. Early on we let one flock free range at a time. Towards the end of summer when we realized we did not want to maintain 2 coups through the winter is when we started free ranging toegther. It worked for me, maybe it could for you too.

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