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  1. Does anyone put up anything in their coop windows to keep the sun out, let light in and the breeze go through? I'm thinking about the shades that are used in cars to shade a baby from the sun. Would that work? Merry
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    I got inexpensive black towels from Walmart....washed them so part of the fluff was removed and nailed them to my window frames. ( not a very professional job, I admit) and in the winter, I just roll them up and tuck them into themselves to let the light in. Carolyn
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    I am finding that shade cloth does not let a breeze go through unless it is a gust.

    Texas is hot in the summer and finding ways to keep the chickens cool is a major concern. In Maine, the winters are the big problem, but I am sure you have heat problems sometimes too.

    I found the best way to let breezes and light through, but keep the sun out is reflection. You might try a fold down window over a hardware cloth opening that you can open in the summer, but shut in the winter.

    This is one of my coops in the winter with foldown windows on the main coop and the fronts of the nestboxes. The little sections above the doors come off in the summer too.

    I have a hoop coop with shade cloth on part of the top and the end. I took the shade cloth off the end yesterday and made a tent extending out from the roof to let a little more breeze in.

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