Window size?


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
Windows? Going to build the girls a new house.
New hut will be 8'x6'x7'ish so I can walk in.
I have found a nice solid wood frame door with glass at the Habitat Restore, but windows, eh, found nothing at the 2 local habitat stores. But Lowe's has some options on clearance.
My plan is the 8' section will be the front where the door is. There will be a door - either centered and no window or off centered and include a window.
The back 8' section (where roost bar will be) is likely to be a long functioning shutter (6') or a cutout that can be down during the spring/summer/fall to allow for airflow. Bottom of that wall will have the bottom flip up to allow for daily hose out (ducks will be there too).
The side walls will be 6'. One side wall will have 4 nest boxes (at least I think four of them). I'd like windows on those side walls to open for more airflow as well.
I'm having a hard time so far visualizing what size and how many windows.
Anybody have suggestions or pics of their chicken houses that are of similar sizes with doors/window placement?
Bigger is better!
Consider that you can have hardware covered openings, and cover some of them with vinyl sheeting in winter, rather than actual windows, which will need hardware cloth replacing screening anyway.
For 'cute' windows are fine. For practical, not necessary. it's the light and ventilation you need.
My suggestion would be to keep looking ... see if you can find some old wood framed storm windows, the kind that were either clamped on, or screwed on ... or make your own if your handy ...

Use hardware cloth on the coop, hinge the windows from the top so you can open them if you want to ... or just screw them on in "winter" (is it even called that in Alabama?) ... which begs the question ... why windows? Why not just leave it open with hardware cloth?

If it is for driving rain ... just build it with bigger over hangs, and skip the glass ...
I got old wooden sashes for $3 each from a guy who worked for a window company. He posted on Facebook. I had them hinged at the top and use sticks to hold them open. The three that open onto the run can be raised or lowered (they’ve been open all summer) by way of cords run thru eye screws in the run rafters. The window at floor level is for clean out.

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