"windows" in a metal coop

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    Jul 6, 2011
    We bought a 10x14 metal shed for our coop. Giving 2 square feet per chicken that would house 70 chickens, and we only have 44 (and 3 ducks) so they have plenty of room. The only problem is ventilation. How would one go creating "windows" in a metal shed. Would cutting out a square, create a light weight wood track frame to go around it, then place plexiglass in it to slide back and forth for opening and closing (with a screen of course somehow attached) be the way to go. Or is there a better way? Budget is an issue with the economy the way it is.

    With this heat wave going on my poor girls, and one rooster, need something to help them at night when they are in the coop, or during the day when they are laying their eggs. The rest of the time they are out in their run (they have more square footage of space then we do in the house) with plenty of woods for shade. It has gotten to where 6 of my girls won't even go in the coop to roost at night, but in the trees, so I can't close the coop doors to keep them predator safe.

    Any and all help from those that have been in this situation will be greatly appreciated. My animals are my kids, and I'm very protective. Right now I've got gallon baggies with water in the freezer to put in the coop during the day. I don't know what else to do.




    Oct 17, 2008
    electricity in the coop? or an extension cord and fan will help cool...you can get fans with clips at walmart for about 10 bucks..as far as the window....sounds like a good idea..may want to run the frame from the floor to the roof and secure it to the frame..then mount window, fans etc
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    I think they have metal shed window kits?
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    You could cut the 2 sides and bottom of the window via plasma or torch, then push/bend the flap out creating a awning for the window. Then tack in your wire for the covering. Or maybe you could cut out the window (all 4 sides) . Say its a 12" x12" opening, you then could use a piece of 14"x14" or larger hardware cloth or smaller expanded steel and use inner and outter wood frame/trim to screw through and to sandwiching the wire giving you a framed window...and a wood base to screw plexiglass to if wanted. Just my 2cents.
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    Jul 6, 2011
    I do have an extension cord that runs to the house for the light, and in the winter time, their water bowls and/or heating bases to keep their water from freezing. We had thought of fans, cut there is no where to put them unless we figure out how to put high shelves in the corners. I'm afraid the clamp ones will either break (which the clamp did on the one I have at work), or fall off.
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    Jul 6, 2011
    I'll take everyone's two cents. We did do your idea to a small degree. We made small slits in one spot then bent them outward in one spot. Sorta like a vent in the house.
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    Well done. I would use hardware cloth with fender washers using self-tapping sheet metal screws to make it safe. Predators will compromise anything less.

    ETA: I have screw-mounted hooks for hanging my fans in front of my vents, with one blowing in, another blowing out for a cross breeze. Lashing twine is used to bind the fans.
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    Quote:The rule in the books is a MINIMUM of 4 sq feet per bird!
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    Quote:The rule in the books is a MINIMUM of 4 sq feet per bird!

    Which books? the book I have (co-written by the founder of this site) says 2-3 sq feet. I've also seen other books saying 2 and some say 3 and some say 4.
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    Is the metal shed configured so that entire wall panel sections can be removed?? I helped a BYC friend remove a few of her panels and simply built 2x4 framed panels (covered in HW cloth of course) to replace them. So that may be an option. Or if you have the proper tools, then yes, you could simply cut out good sized windows, frame out the area w/2x4s, and then put HW cloth over the openings. Then use lexan or vinyl cloth over the windows in winter (most fabric stores sell really thick, clear vinyl 'cloth'.
    And it's not what you asked, but (at least for folks who get winter season weather) I'd always suggest 4 sq. ft per LF bird too, but you have extra space anyway... [​IMG]

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