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Sep 12, 2013
I have a wine cooler in my garage taking up space and would like to turn it into a incubator, and need info on what needs to go in it? What's the best heating source, what's this humidifier all about and where do I get one ::p what thermostat should I use :D I don't know anything about incubators so please baby talk me through this :) any info is very welcome
hi not sure why no-one has answered your post but alot of the members here have made their own incubators and seem to be getting good results. there are incubator manifacturers that sell parts neccessary to make your own. i am in australia so my go to company is bellsouth. they are a still-air foam type incubator that runs a heating element thermostat controlled i have used a different digital hygrometer but went back to the original thermometer as it took up less space, it measures the temp above the egg and can be altered for different size eggs. antique incubators often used light globes but the new type of globes are different and dont emit the heat of old type. i think it would take alot of trial and error to get these globes to the stay consistantly at the right temp across the whole space. and i would advise that some sort of fan eg a computer fan would aid the regulation of the overall temp. humidity is all about the surface area of water not depth the more surface the more humidity again trial and error humidity alters with temp too. another important factor is air developing embryos need air and again these airholes alters the temp. i have what was a homemade incubator it worked well but has been converted to the box that newly hatched chicks get their feet (a nursery) before they move on to the brooder. It is just an insulated wooden box with a twin bedside light in case of cold nights (60w and a 40 worked for us) dont forget a window in the top to veiw without opening and altering the temp. best of luck with your build i wish you success and happy hatchings post some pics
Thanks Rachmickmurphy for your help. I've been down with the flu and have been in bed for two day, I was quite looking forward to all the helpful posts lol so I truly thank you for replying.
thats no good you been unwell hope you make a speedy recovery. dont get discouraged other members will post there could be a homemade incubator thread i have not found it tho. i am pretty new here myself. i can help with most incubation things i hatch alot for myself and other people (for a small cost). I use a lower humidity than some other members and i also stagger my hatches in the same bator (most use a hatcher) but i know my bator and how it runs best. the guy i brought it from said it wasnt that good he was getting 25%-50% live hatchrate i get 75%-100% we live in same district so it proves it wasnt the incubator is was the operator. i rarely candle eggs from my pens sometimes i do any auction eggs and i dont mean online auctions either that not really done here i also dont incubate posted eggs. aust post is better known as the ozscramblers. other breeders try to ensure their posted fertile egg are packaged safely but i do pick up only. theres 3 brooders going here at the moment got to get one emptied by 22nd which is when the next batch is due date. if you see the thread "new ways to grow and hatch a duck embryo" check it out. the guy is hatching babies from eggs he cracks out of their shell and puts in a plastic bag its totally mindblowing. his duckling should hatch today there is utube links.
My gosh a plastic bag! Must be wonderful being able to watch them develop. I live in Fort Lauderdale fl but have lived in Africa and Singapore, my family come from United Kingdom. I have brought ten French Maran pullets last April but awaiting to move into my new house. Has a big shed that I'm going to turn into a hen house :) I'd like to get a few rare breeds but have to wait till I move. Thanks so much for your info :)
hi narnia077 congrads on the new house you must be excited. boy you are no stranger to moving i couldnt imagine moving to a different country once let alone multiple times. told all the family when we moved here that i wont be packing ever again to move house unless i win some sort of prize that involves a furnished mansion on a beach and a sports car in the garage lol and i dont think the neighbours would appreciate the 15 roos i have tho. i dont have marrans i love the colour of their eggs tho. we have light, buff, speckled and corronation sussex, plymouth rocks araucanas rir australorps silkies pekins seabrights belgiums. theres a few other xbreds and foundation stock for the layers i sell and my legbar program the numbers here fluxuate and i am always looking for better breeding stock or new rare breed lol been banned from adding anymore breeds at the moment though til i get rid some of the chicks. my friend takes some of the overload to grow at his farm he actually delivered my seven week olds and banty australorps today he wants to get turkeys and his pens need to be cleaned and limed well in advance. i have eggs in bator for him so in about two weeks his brooder going to be full again anyway. on the 13th of next month theres a good breeder auction lots of eggs from the sussex club you can bet that the bator will be full on the 14th. then that is it for the year the ducks are all sitting and will keep breeding til autumn and its too hot to run the bator til around april. its weird when i turn it off its like a missing member of the family. i love muffled cheeping the day before they hatch or when it errupts into life in the middle of night (hubby hates that bit) lol

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