Wing Feathering


6 Years
Aug 28, 2013
I've been haching some eggs from a Cream Legbar hen, who is currently dating a pure Cream Legbar, a white Ameraucana (probably EE, but breeder said Ameraucana, and has Ameraucana traits), and a pure Swedish Flower Hen. Every once in a blue moon I get a chick with these wonky wing feathers. They're almost bigger than the baby's head, and this chick doesn't seem old enough to have gargantuan wing feathers yet.

It seems like this type of feathering may be indicating something, but I haven't grasped the genetics behind wing feathers yet. I know the SFH tend to feather out faster in the wings than some other breeds. Would this be indicative of anything about the breed and gender of the chick? Or is it just a weird confluence of feathering genes?



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