Winter grass


10 Years
May 27, 2009
I was thinking of raising grass in plant trays in my basement or greenhouse over the winter and feeding the clippings to the chickens so their egg yolks would retain the more orange color.

Is it OK to try something like lemon grass?
I don't know about lemon grass, but I've heard wheat grass is very nutritious. I started some hard red winter wheat a month ago, and I've been clipping it for the chickens on the days when then can't free range. I really do think it's making the yolks more orange.
I think this would be especially valuable to them in the dead of winter. Clover and rye would be good choices too.
Enjoy your chickens....
My daughter, Kate Mitchell, uses a special machine that turns wheat grass into a flavorful, nutritious drink for humans. She raises and buys wheat grass by the flat. Think I might try raising some for my chickens this winter; might even buy a machine. She's heading up the Living Foods Institue in Atlanta now, and Anne's going down for a training session in December; maybe she'll buy one of those machines that Kate has.

EDIT: Nah, I'll play dumb and let ANNE raise the grass.
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