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    Jan 8, 2012
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    I am hoping to find hens that lay fairly well during the winter WITHOUT artificial lights. Any suggestions on which breed and where to purchase them?
  2. White Leghorns, Black Sex Links, Red Sex Links are a few that continue to lay well during winter. There are many other chickens that do well as far as laying during winter also.

    Light will benefit you're hens production of eggs. Light is directly linked to the natural production of eggs in the chicken. More light in the winter can only help with production.

    Wish you the best.
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    I find the standard layers that I rescue from the battery cages are good layers in the winter. The 15 hours of daylight, sun and artificial lighting, warmth, you got yourself some willing birds as long as they aren't molting. If the birds aren't comfy and warm you will have to walk to the grocery store :) Steve

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