winter problems for a new flock!

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    i recently had to separate my three rooster from my flock because they were chasing a few of my hens out of the coop and away from the food. i understand the pecking order and picking on the ones that look differently, but half grew up together in the spring and, for those who didnt, spent all summer pecking and establishing the flock order. with winter coming up fast, the new hens are looking too skinny and ragged to make it through the indiana cold. we have been giving them homemade suet to fatten them up, any suggestions to get them bulked up fast? and one of the hens is now 'cooing' through the fence at the roosters. i have never heard a noise like that come from a hen before and the rooster seemed to respond. has anyone else had this happen? just worried about my babes. was i right to separate them? or will it hurt my flock? so worried! [​IMG]
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    How many chickens?
    How old re they all?
    How many males?
    How big is coop(feet by feet)?

    You may have a too many males problem and they are running the females ragged and stressed.
    Get rid of all but one....or keep them out of sight and sound.

    What exactly are you feeding?
    Good balanced nutrition and a stress free environment is needed more than extra fat.
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